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Concrete helipad on Cricket pitches in Dhubri; ACA to take the matter up with CM

By Olympia News Desk

In order to assess the existing cricket infrastructure and its shortfall in Dhubri , Sri Devajit Saikia, Secretary, Assam Cricket Association along with its Chief Executive Officer, Sri Sujit Kakati; Sri Mukut Kalita, BCCI Curator and Sri Vinod Sharma, Former First-Class Cricketer, visited the Zhagrapara Stadium, Dhubri, which is exclusively owned by Dhubri District Sports Association, yesterday on October 30, 2020 and was deeply astonished to find a helipad constructed with concrete and paver blocks right on top of 3 cricket pitches at the centre of the ground by the Dhubri District Adminstration. The ACA officials were equally shocked to find a pebbled road traversing through the ground to the centre pitch area where the helipad is located, as a result of which the outfield has also been substantially damaged.

The damaged pitch visited by ACA officials

In a meeting held on the said ground in presence of the officials and players of the Dhubri District Sports Association, Sri Devajit Saikia, Secretary, ACA expressed deep anguish over the aforementioned anti-sports act of the District Administration that has, over the last several months, not only caused major damage to the only cricket ground in Dhubri but also stopped the chances of resumption of cricket activiites in the district, which has produced numerous State Cricketers including Zaved Zaman who went up to represent Senior India A team in the past . However, Sri Devajit Saikia, Secretary, ACA expressed hope that the District Administration would soon remove the helipad along with the pebbled road, besides restoring the cricket ground to its original condition by repairing the damages so that the cricketing activities can be started as soon as possible.

Sri Devajit Saikia, Secretary, ACA also informed and assured the officials of the Dhubri District Sports Association that ACA will take up the matter of the unwarranted act of the Dhubri District Administration in damaging the existing cricket ground including the 3 centre wickets with the Honble Chief Minister Sri Sarbananda Sonowal, who himself is on a mission to create maximum sports infrastructure in the State.

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