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Fencers way to make improvements during lockdown:Tips by ANKIT MAHANTA

Ankit mahanta ( middle on the queue)

First of all, we would like to request all the people of India to stay at home. We are also thankful to the authorities, medical staff for all the awesome things that they have done to give people a second Life.

As we are not able to play Sports ‘Fencing’ due to Lockdown taking place in the whole country. Here, Ankit Mahanta National Player (Bengal Fencing), Coach of Bengal State Fencing Junior national team, Bechelor holder in Physical Education and Sports, would like to bring out 3 basic ways (Lesson) for beginners through which they can improve their fencing Skills while staying in home.

Fencing is a group of three related combat sports. The three disciplines in modern fencings are the “Foil”, the “Epee”, the “Sabre”.

Today I am going to tell you about some drills to improve Saber skills. In Sabre event the target area is above the waist, the head, and the arms up to the wrist of which a valid hit may be scored.

For these you all need a practice dummy or you all tie/hang a pillow or any soft/hard material in wall according to your comfortable position. That tips that I will share with you all, each skills should be perfrom in “ENGARDE” position.

First Lesson

  1. Position of Engrade/ Movement Development :
    The fencer needs to have both feet together at the heel. So, that a right angle is formed. Bend your knees slightly and hold it for “30sec (5 sets)”.
  2. When your Engarde position is perfect. Then make yourself bounce at same spot in engarde position.
  3. After bouncing relax for “30sec” then go for forward and backward movement on engarde position “15 times” forward “15 times” backward. Forward movement, the fornt foot should move first fellowed by back back foot and for backward the back foot should move first fellowed by the front foot.

Second Lesson

  1. Hand positions/Foot movement : Pick up the saber grip with your thump and index finger. Position the grip is out and down, matches the curve of your hand at the base of the thump. Position your hand in the same way you just practice without the grip in it.
  2. Place your hand so that it is extended straight from your elbow and level the floor in Engrade position and move forward and backward, sideward.

Thrid lesson

  1. Fencing blade/Lunge Drills : The sword arm should be bent at a 45 degree angle in front of the fencer, and the other arm should be behind the fencer.

Fencing blade Drills :
Simple you have to open your arms in Engarde position and hit the target.

i) 16 time arm only touches the head (8 times slow, 8 times fast)
ii) 16 times arm only touches the Flank, both right and left (8 times slow, 8 times fast)
iii) 16 times arm only touches the Belly, both right and left (8 times slow, 8 times fast)

Take rest for 1 Minute

  1. Lunge Drills :

The Launge is the fundamental foot movement techniques use in all the three fencing weapons but in Sabre you have to hit in upper body. In Lunge you have to kick forward with the front feet and push the body forward with the back leg.

i) 10 times arm only touches the Head (5 times slow, 5 time fast)
ii) 10 times arm only touches the Flank both left right flank (5 times slow, 5 times fast)
iii) 10 times arm only touches the Belly both left right (5 times fast, 5 times slow)

Those where some tips by me that you all can perfrom in home while lockdown. In my next article I hope I can give you some information about parry which is a defence technic in fencing..
Atlast I Request all the Indian to stay at home support the authorities to fight against Covid – 19 and Workouts at home has to be done very carefully by normal individuals. Already those who are regularly doing exercise can do the same in a simple way at home. Others can do walking, washing, cleaning and helping in the kitchen and other house works. Doing sudden physical exercise and strenuous extra activities might lead to health problems. Please do not do exercises by watching videos or comparing you with the fitness experts.

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