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Swimmers way to make improvement during lockdown: Five tips by Rajib Dey

As we are not able to swim due to lockdown that is taking place in the whole country. Here, Rajib dey a well known swimming coach and a former international swimmer brings to you five ways through which you can make improvement in your swimming without water during lockdown.

Work on Core Strength: You can put more emphasis on core strengthening workouts or you can say abs strengthening workout at home. Doing various core strengthening & stability exercises at home with various equipments, one can increase core strength and will get better control one’s body position. You can generate optimal power & can also transform force along with the kinetic chain.

Work on your Muscular strength & power: While at home you can do muscular strength & power development exercise with various equipments such as weight plates, kettle bell, thera band, stretch cord etc. It will help you to maintain your muscle strength and swim strength while pools are closed.

Work on your cardio: While staying at home you can also build your cardio strength by doing various low intensity to high intensity interval dry land training sessions. By doing various cardio exercise you can be able to stay in shape which will help you to make the transition to pool much easier and will also help you to bring back your performances in the water faster.

Work on your weakness: None of us have the perfect swim stroke and there is always something we can work on to improve. Use this time to watch some swimming races or technique videos at home and to work on your weakness. Find out your weakness like you may have weak start and slow turn then you need to work on your core strength. If you are struggling with high elbow pull or shoulder issue then do some stretch chord workout and work on strengthening your shoulder muscle. I think there is always a to work on your swim weakness outside the water. I think now is the perfect time.

Visualization: Visualization is simply imagining yourself performing an activity you are trying to improve. Find out some time during the day and think about your past performance , imagine about the high elbow catch and pulling with the lat and then triceps. Imagine each phase of the stroke doing perfectly with the rhythm. Imagine what what you do off the blocks before 100 metres race, how many underwater kicks you usually takes, when do you breathe etc. You can also look at your own race videos to analyse your stroke and to work on your weakness.

Swimming Coach Rajib dey

Can you feel the smell of chlorine also? If your answer is yes then you are crushing this mental practice. Doing once is not work ,try to imagine it every day.

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