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‘Would Like To Be India’s Bowling Coach’, Said Shoaib Akhter

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Former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhter expresses his willingness of becoming the bowling coach of India in near future if offered. Akhter said this in an interview on social networking app ‘Helo’. He asserted that he has the capability of doing something great with the Indian talents.

In the interview he was asked whether he would like to be associated with the Indian bowling unit, He gave a positive response. He also added that he would like to spread more aggressive vibe among the Indian bowlers.

” I will produce more aggressive, fast and more talkative bowlers than the current ones who will tell off the batsman in a way that you will enjoy a lot” He said.

One of the most successful pacer from Pakistan Akhter said that what he had learnt is knowledge and his job is to spread knowledge and he would like to do it.

Later in the conversation he also shared his wish to become the coach of IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders for whom once he has played.

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